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Ryan Harvey

Ryan Harvey is a musician, writer, and activist from Baltimore, MD. Since co-founding the Riot-Folk Collective in 2004, he has shared his songs and stories of social movements in over twenty countries in North America, Europe, and Africa. His writings have been featured in The Nation, Truth-Out, and other digital publications.

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"There are good people in every place," says a young migrant.
An excerpt from the liner notes of the album “Today & Tomorrow.”
Oct. 7 marked the 14th anniversary of the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. The headlines have called it the longest war in U.S. history, but is it?
"There is no other pill to take," wrote Rage Against the Machine "So swallow the one that made you ill."

We were like a modern, U.S.-version of Nueva Cancion, but with a punk twist. This is our story.

Madrid-based radical feminist folk singer La Otra returns with a new album and announces a summer tour across Spain.
In the wake of the Baltimore Uprising, blogger Ryan Harvey looks at international folk songs that remember martyrs killed by police and those repressed by the state while fighting for liberation.

41 years ago today, Zeca Afonso’s voice rang out over the airwaves as soldiers stormed through key buildings across Portugal.

One of the greatest protest musicians in American history took his life exactly 39 years ago. Driven into a deep depression by both his own demons and the demoralization that faced radical leftists in the mid-70’s, Phil Ochs in many ways died with the movement. This week, I wanted to write about a lesser-known story from Phil’s life, and of his run-ins with another significant part of the history of that time period.