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Pervez Hoodbhoy

Hoodbhoy has taught in the physics department at Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad for 40 years and now also teaches at Forman Christian College in Lahore. He has won many awards, including the Abdus Salam Award for Mathematics, the Book of the Year Award from the National Book Council of Pakistan, and UNESCO's Kalinga Award for science popularization. In addition to producing many documentaries for Pakistani television, he has written the books Islam and Science: Religious Orthodoxy and the Battle for Rationality, Education and the State: Fifty Years of Pakistan, and Confronting the Bomb: Pakistani and Indian Scientists Speak Out.

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For two decades, the state has been in conflict with some of its progeny. The once hapless mullah is no longer interested in playing second fiddle. Instead he is intent on seizing control from his former masters.
The normally fractious Pakistani Parliament unanimously refused to send Pakistani troops to Yemen, as demanded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
While the Israeli and Saudi cause against Iran has received a terrific setback, a determined campaign to derail the agreement may well have just begun.
International jihad, in part created and supervised by the U.S. to undermine the Soviet Union, has exacerbated divisions that are fuelling bloodshed.
Indian public money is being used to shield U.S. corporations from liabilities in the event of a disaster involving an American supplied reactor.
Massive militant establishments now hold the Pakistani state hostage. They run their own training centres, hospitals, and disaster relief programs.
Western agendas and interests can sometimes be intelligently leveraged for furthering what is important for peoples everywhere.
The Left is ignored, and the Right is pampered. The critical, thoughtful professional of yesteryear has been replaced by the savvy networker who conforms to all the rules and regulations of the well-oiled machine that is the modern media corporation.
Neither Khan nor Thair ul-Qadri have a plan for how to improve Pakistan, but their followers don´t seem to care.