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Marina Sitrin

Marina Sitrin is a writer, lawyer, teacher, organizer, militant and dreamer. She is the editor of Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina (2006) AK Press, Edinburgh & Oakland, CA; Spanish edition, Horizontalidad: Voces de Poder Popular en Argentina (2005) Chilavert, Buenos Aires; Greek edition, οριζοντιότητα: φωνές λαϊκής εξουσίας στην αργεντινη (2011) SKYA, Athens. She is the author of Everyday Revolutions: Horizontalism & Autonomy in Argentina (2012) Zed Books. Together with Dario Azzellini,they have co-authored They Can’t Represent US! Reinventing Democracy From Greece to Occupy (2014) Verso Books and Occupying Language: The Secret Rendezvous with History and the Present (2012) Zucotti Park Press.

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“We interrupt this regularly scheduled program ...”
Those people who work the gardens eat 2.5 more servings of fruits or vegetables than those who do not.
It is time to deepen the construction of alternative power from below, in Greece, and with links globally.
“How did Argentina survive their economic crisis?”; “Are they doing better now?”; “What happened to the factory takeovers?”; “Did millions of people really participate in the barter network? Did they actually invent new money?”
How can we change society so as to run it ourselves, horizontally, based in assemblies using forms of direct democracy?
Our power and knowing our power then is about where we look, how we look, and actually, not needing to say we are powerful – but acting our power – it is in the doing and not the saying
For over 100 years May Day has been celebrated by workers, socialists, anarchists, autonomists, and a myriad of other radicals.
For over 150 years one of the main political debates among those wanting to change the world is if this must be done through the state.
The way in which people involved in the caravan describe the relationship to the government vary greatly.
Pregnancy has been the one area that remained generally untouched by superficial beauty and fashion judgments.