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Fidel believed that the emancipation of women was intrinsically tied to the socialist revolution.

Redefining issues around the economic and migration crisis seem crucial to winning the presidential elections, but is that a battle the left is ready to win?
teleSUR speaks to Guatemalan pioneering feminist activist and lawmaker Sandra Moran about the country's past of war and struggle for peace.
After several murders of campesino leaders in Colombia, teleSUR spoke with a human rights defender to get a perspective on the situation in the country.
Pinochet's dictatorship, which lasted from his 1973 military coup until 1990, continues to weigh heavily on the people of Chile.
teleSUR speaks to Vanesa Lorena Jalil, the Argentine author of the “Adventuresses” series, about the new Latina princess.
Women are at the forefront of Latin America's most important struggles.
Islamophobia is rapidly spreading throughout the country, reaching even the highest levels of government.
The two films nominated this year for the Oscars that cover Latin America both portray the region with cliches of drug-related violence.
Ultimately both abolitionists and regulationists claim they are defending the best interests of women in the sex industry, but in fundamentally different ways.