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Leonard Peltier, who was found guilty in 1975 of killing two FBI agents in a dubious trial, may be the most famous political prisoner in the U.S.
A year has passed since the right-wing opposition won control of the National Assembly but they have done little since.
Despite the peace deal, the ghosts of the political genocide still haunt Colombia.
The Temer government was installed to protect corrupt politicians, is it any wonder his ministers keep getting caught up in corruption allegations?
Within less than a month, the Maduro government has gone from being under attack to having the strategic advantage.
Are Latinos repulsed enough by Trump to want to vote for Clinton?
The coup regime in Brazil is resorting to authoritarian means to silence its critics and the repression is being led by one man: Alexandre de Moraes.
The head of the Polar Company, which has cut production by 30 percent, was seen attending Wednesday's opposition demonstration.
In an election that's been anything but traditional, election day itself could produce some surprises, including a tie in the electoral college.
The resolution issued by the opposition-controlled National Assembly has parallels to the 1973 coup in Chile against democratically-elected President Salvador Allende.