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Statements by President-elect Trump may force the Argentine government to rethink its economic strategy.

The rise in poverty and the drop in the salaries help explain the spike in massive protests.

A new measure by Macri's neoliberal government is facing strong opposition from farmers unions, academics and jurists. So who exactly does it favor?
More than 2,500 Argentine media employees have lost their jobs in six months.
More autonomy for the military and defense agreements with the U.S. do not seem good news for Argentina.
Argentina's new role in South America appears to be advancing Washington's foreign policy and business interests.
Human rights advocates report the government is slowly dismantling all human rights policies.
Professors, students and social movements will march to the Education Ministry to reject the cuts in higher education budget.
What seems to be an ambitious development plan could end up in a natural resources giveaway.
The names on these documents suggest that taking the wealth produced by Argentine workers to tax havens is a pattern among the country’s ruling class.