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Justin Podur

Justin Podur is a Toronto-based author and blogger. He has reported from India (Kashmir, Chhattisgarh), Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico (Chiapas), and Israel/Palestine. He is the author of Haiti's New Dictatorship (2012) and the Demands of the Dead (2014).

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A Washington-sponsored opposition bent on regime change threatens a fragile democracy. 
"Afghan Shia Militias" have become to Syria what "African Mercenaries" were to Libya.
People have already died from Modi's sudden assault on 80 percent of India's economy.
The U.S. presidential candidates can be looked at from the perspective of Haiti. One candidate has an extensive record there. The other has some historical parallels.
Despite a long road ahead, the accords give cause for celebration.
​The U.S. has announced funding for a new Plan Colombia as the country moves towards a resolution to its civil war. What is its real purpose?
Antiwar sentiment may mostly have evaporated, but war is as horrible as ever.
Donald Trump's championing of the "anti-vaxer" cause takes advantage of scientific illiteracy.
Popular outrage in Afghanistan sees the Islamic State group avoiding responsibility for beheadings.
Reignition of civil war is a possibility.