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The United Workers Party won 11 of Saint Lucia’s 17 constituencies.
The publication of an online database has revealed more information on Caribbean havens.
The Caribbean Community are united in fighting for justice and reparations, teleSUR'S Alison Kentish reports.
With water reserves low, Caribbean countries scramble to stem water loss.
Protestors, including members of the Rastafarian community, are stepping up calls for the decriminalization of weed.
The six set sail from Venezuela in early April.

On April 20th, or "Weed Day,” Caribbean cannabis advocates callled on governments to push forward with the decriminalization of marijuana.

Providing employment to 338,000 people, the importance of fishing to the Caribbean should not be underestimated.
Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has been leading the charge for reparations in the Caribbean, citing African slavery and genocide.
France has formally handed over the rights for Martinique to join the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.