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National employee unions might have endorsed Hillary Clinton, but it's Bernie Sanders who has convinced grassroots labor movements to back him.
What does the pope eat for breakfast? Mexican chef Jose Ibarra tells teleSUR how he took care of Pope Francis' fine meals while in Mexico.
For better or worse, the Argentine pontiff has had quite the impact on his home region. 
There are historical grounds to Rafael Correa's concerns over the military high command.
Some Latinos say they plan on voting for Donald Trump, a racist xenophobe, despite the fact they believe he might start a world war.
Seventy-one years since the liberation of Auschwitz, teleSUR remembers the 11 million victims of the Holocaust and the heroic moments of resistance.
Claiming it is both “independent” and “impartial,” the World Economic Forum claims it is committed to improving the state of the world. What a sham.
There is nothing in National Assembly guidelines that suggests that a party would need 112 lawmakers to hold a two-thirds majority: only that it needs a majority “of those present.”
Ramos Allup’s choice of the word “exit,” a term of loaded significance for the Venezuelan right, was no coincidence.