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All the quality media managed to ignore, or dismiss, the millions of Venezuelans who turned out in support of the Constituent Assembly election.
teleSUR's Iain Bruce looks back at the last time Venezuela's right-wing opposition tried to recall a president.
Iain Bruce has spent a day with one of the doctors trying to build a new kind of medical service in Venezuela, the community health program known as Barrio Adentro, or Inside the Neighborhood.
teleSUR's Iain Bruce reports from an opposition protest in Caracas.
teleSUR's Iain Bruce visited a group in Merida that is working to recover ancestral knowledge and turn the logic of conventional medicine on its head.
As Venezuelans look for solutions to their difficulties with food and other produce, Iain Bruce visits a project set up by Hugo Chavez and the Brazil's landless workers movement.
In 2005, Venezuela's campesinos benefitted from a break up of big estates. teleSUR looks at how they are faring today.
All sides in Venezuela say the country badly needs to grow more food. teleSUR's Iain Bruce has been to a commune in the rice growing region of Guarico state.
In the second of his reports on the state of Venezuela's health service, teleSUR's Iain Bruce looks at the claims of carnage in the country's maternity hospitals.
teleSUR's Iain Bruce investigates whether Venezuela's hospitals are collapsing.