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In El Salvador, fetuses matter more than a woman’s life.
Chile's Alto Maipo dam project raises a slew of environmental and human rights concerns, but it is also a hallmark of the country's runaway privatization.
International accompaniment in Guatemala two decades ago shined a spotlight on civil war abuses. Amid ongoing violence, the work remains pivotal today.
For festival director Alejandra Borrero, art will play a key role in helping Colombia build peace after more than 50 years of war.
The struggle for land rights, undermined through Washington's Plan Colombia, is one of the key issues facing Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities.
Fifty-two innocent suspects were acquitted, but the real perpetrators behind the heinous "Baguazo" violence have still not faced justice.
Vulnerable rural communities warn that the development model of Colombia's new era of peace could spark a new exploitative land and resource grab.
Norwegian artist Moddi shows that the Chilean folk singer's political and musical legacy remains alive 43 years after he was tortured and murdered.
FARC guerrilla fighter and delegate in the peace negotiations, Alexandra Nariño, speaks to teleSUR about her 14 years with the rebel army.
For more than 20 years, El Salvador's amnesty law has shielded perpetrators of grave human rights abuses committed during the U.S.-backed civil war.