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The government says the law is being implemented to compensate survivors, but campaigners disagree.
Authorities have identified the miners who kidnapped and killed Rodolfo Illanes.
President Morales rules out a fourth term against the wishes of his ruling MAS party.
Bolivia’s National Pedestrian Day was hailed as a huge success by environmentalists.
Cooperatives have to comply with strict new measures following the murder of Deputy Minister Rodolfo Illanes by miners.
More than 2 million Bolivians have come out of extreme poverty in the last decade.
Police raided the offices of the mining federation, known as Fencomin, in La Paz but all they found were empty offices.
IN PICTURES: Every year, Bolivia celebrates its national flag.
Some 3,000 students in one of Bolivia's poorest cities are learning new languages and cooking skills.
Senior Minister Quintana said members of the right-wing opposition have been conspiring with the U.S. government.