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Arnold August

Arnold August, periodista y conferencista canadiense, es el autor de los libros Democracy in Cuba and the 1997–98 Elections (1999), Cuba y sus vecinos: Democracia en movimiento (2014) y Relaciones Cuba-EE.UU: ¿Que ha cambiado? (2018). Es un colaborador de teleSUR. Twitter: @Arnold_August FaceBook: Arnold August. | | | Arnold August is Canadian author and journalist. His books include Democracy in Cuba and the 1997-1998 Elections (1999), Cuba and its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion (2013) and Cuba-U.S. Relations: Obama and Beyond (2017). He is a collaborator of TeleSUR. Follow him on Twitter: Arnold_August and FaceBook. www.arnoldaugust.com

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"The 40 percent threshold is hardly a detail. On the contrary, it is not even recognized in our science or clinical testing," said critics of the Scottish study.
From the very first hurricanes that violently shook the palm trees, Fidel elaborated his two-pronged thinking: save lives and keep the people informed.
Fidel’s ideas and his heroic attitude in declaring them are, today, one year after his passing, more valid than ever.
Trump's expected announcement of new Cuba policy comes in the midst of increasing bipartisan support for normalization of U.S.-Cuba relations within the U.S.
This “opposition” has loyalties that lie with the Bolivarian Revolution and nothing else.
Over the years, Fidel Castro contributed toward a new feature of the culture of enacting politics within the Cuban Revolution.
The revolution in Cuba shook the U.S. to its very foundations, breaking the domination of the local and foreign bourgeoisie.
Both the “leftist” opposition and the openly right-wing annexationists are two wings of the same American eagle.
Objectively, this so-called neutrality against extremes consists in throwing a life jacket in support of capitalism. The real defiance is against socialism and Marxist-Leninist ideology.