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Cuba said the sanctions are counterproductive to Venezuela’s efforts to promote dialogue. Full Story

Latin America
Asked whether the noise could have been caused by an explosion, the navy spokesman replied sharply: "It's a noise. We are not going to make conjectures."
Violence has surged across Mexico since the government declared war on the country's powerful drug cartels in 2006, proving further the failure of a militarized approach known as the "war on drugs."
Independence day celebrations in Lebanon took place amid the country’s ongoing political uncertainty.
Cuba said the sanctions are counterproductive to Venezuela’s efforts to promote dialogue.
Meanwhile, a gathering of hardline anti-government Syrian groups met in Riyadh and persisted in the demand that Assad leaves power.
The "old lunatic Trump" has invoked feelings of "hate and spirit to destroy the enemy" among North Koreans, Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, said in a statement. 
Spencer is a staunch advocate of an Aryan homeland for what he describes as a "dispossessed" white race, and has called for "peaceful ethnic cleansing."
PM Saad Hariri appeared to express relief that President Michel Aoun had not accepted the resignation right away.
The NFL policy could change during the offseason “if players are still kneeling at the end of the year,” according to officials.
"It's all about explosiveness, and that’s one thing I’ve noticed with cricket – they don’t really have a lot of explosiveness when they're running."
The Raiders have long enjoyed the loyalty of their multiethnic working-class fanbases in California, the U.S. Southwest – and now, Mexico City.
Reedie pointed out that it is not WADA’s decision to decide who competes in the Olympics Games, but rather the International Olympic Committee’s.
The TV host has been sporadically mistaken for his sometimes-controversial almost-namesake vocal helicopter dad, LaVar Ball.
The Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture is digitizing the personal narratives "to provide a much-needed visualization of African-American history and culture."