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“We are attacking this from the air, from the land, from the sea. We are really trying to get as much supplies to people as possible,” Skerrit said. Full Story

Latin America
In a teleSUR English exclusive, the prime minister of Dominica tells of the devastation left by Hurricane Maria.
Venezuela “repudiates the imperialist conduct of the U.S. government" to include top officials on the travel ban, the statement read.
At least 15 communities across the Dominican Republic are cut off from the mainland due to the immense flooding from the Yuna River and heavy downpour.

"If privacy and confidentiality are crimes, then the law stands condemned," Rabbani said, addressing a group of supporters outside the court.

Experts believe that climate change played a major role in the raging wildfires that consumed vast swaths of central Portugal in June. 
Venezuela's foreign minister said the U.S. violated the U.N. charter by threatening to wage war.
Native American women have the highest rate of poverty.
During a visit to the southern state of Alabama Friday, Trump attacked the NFL players, calling them “sons of bitches.”
Trump stated that he was uninviting Curry, following the basketballer's comment that he would not visit the White House.
Police fired percussion grenades to disperse the crowds, as seen in video footage released by Globo.
Barcelona's soccer team has condemned Spain's raids against Catalan officials
The power-packed documentaries take a keen look into the lives of the undocumented immigrants and the impact of the immigration reform on communities. 
The late drug kingpin's brother said Netflix should avoid using Mexico and Colombia locations "without authorization from Escobar Inc."
Artists have joined together organizing a series of concerts and donating the proceeds to the Oaxaca relief effort.
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