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It is nearly impossible to get the necessary background information on damaged buildings that, under law, should be available and transparent. Full Story

Latin America
Regional social leaders, human rights groups, politicians and public figures have been condemning the young campaigner's death.
On Thursday night, Sala received medical treatment including nine stitches after she injured her arm with a glass.
The Nobel Laureate's former driver Manuel Araya maintains Neruda was poisoned by the secret service.
The 28-year-old went missing on August 1 and the remains were discovered in the area where he disappeared on Tuesday.
The young player has Spain's largest teams, Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona, following his plays with a strong interest in signing him.
The former COB director, who was provisionally suspended by the International Olympic Committee and arrested on Oct. 5, continues to deny the charges.
“Our aim is for the whole team to qualify for next year’s regional competition,” said Felix Portuondo, head coach of the women's team.
“All they have to do is say, ‘do the kneel, you’re out for one game, right? You do another kneel, you’re out for two games,'" Trump said.
The Caribbean Strong Foundation puts on the Trinidad and Tobago Relief Concert and Telethon fundraiser for countries razed by hurricanes.
Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with their favorite authors while listening to the recitation of works of poetry
Through footage from that era, ‘La Paz Posible’ shows the reality that many faced during a time of conflict.
According to a Billboard report, the singer's sister confirmed that "Google came to us with this idea of telling a story."