How Hugo and Fidel Met

Hugo and Fidel hugged at International airport Jose Marti in Havana on December 13, 1994. That historical encounter was the beginning of a new revolutionary era. Two Latin America giants met for the very first time. In that very moment, an indestructible and everlasting brotherhood was born.

Everything started with an invitation that Eusebio Leal, a historian in Havana, sent to Hugo Chavez to deliver a speech about the Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement 200.

The Bolivarian Revolution leader accepted it and traveled to Havana on December 13, where he was received by the Cuban Leader, Fidel Castro. The next morning they met at the Havana University Auditorium.

“We are coming to Cuba with our arms opened so together we can help our Latin America Revolutionary project,” said Chavez after arriving in Cuba.

Five years later, Fidel Castro traveled to Venezuela to attend Hugo Chavez assumption as president of Venezuela.

So Chavez and Fidel began to consolidate a strategic alliance between Venezuela and Cuba, which went beyond empathy, ideology and friendship. Both leaders relation became Latin America hope to finally be united.

“Fidel is like a father to me, a partner, a master with a perfect strategy”, said Hugo Chavez about his close relation with the Cuban leader in 2005.

In 2004, both revolutionary leaders founded the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of our America (ALBA). It was meant to be an instrument of liberation in the XXI century. ALBA turned to be a mechanism to defeat ALCA. In this way, Latin America union and independence started to become a real possibility; an exceptional legacy to people and the future.