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  • Gino Gonzalez is known for his renditions of traditional Venezuelan music.

    Gino Gonzalez is known for his renditions of traditional Venezuelan music. | Photo: teleSUR

Published 11 October 2017
teleSUR speaks to National Constituent Assembly member Gino Gonzalez, a notable songwriter and activist.

Venezuelans need to rethink their country in political, cultural and economic terms, and the National Constituent Assembly, ANC, is the best method for doing so, said Gino Gonzalez, a notable songwriter who is also a member of the ANC.

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Gonzalez was elected to the political body from the workers' sector and is best known as one of Venezuela's most famous songwriters and performers.

The ANC member said it gives people the chance to improve their living conditions and reform laws that need to change.

“That's why we have a National Constituent Assembly,” Gonzalez said. “If we rethink the way we have lived that has led us to chaos, a hole that looks like one we can’t get out of, it implies that we need to rethink ourselves, and the ANC is an alternative to it.”

Gonzalez said the 545-member body, which more than eight million people chose representatives for, includes people from poor neighborhoods and all sectors of society.

“We want dignity, the right of all people to do what they consider needs to be done, the right of self-determination, to study and refound ourselves," Gonzalez said.

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“It’s my historic commitment to be here, and I’m happy to be here. I’m participating in the joy of founding a new homeland, despite the material, political and cultural difficulties we may have.”

Gonzalez said the ANC also rejected threats made by U.S. President Donald Trump to intervene in the country, and believes that all sovereign nations should reject imperialism and colonialism.

“I am convinced, that empires know they are reaching their end, and that’s why they act that way because not even their own people support them,” Gonzalez said.

"Trump: how many pants can you put on? How many plates (of food) can you eat? How much sex can you have? What else can make you happy?” Gonzalez asked. "You need slaves. We don’t need slaves."

The ANC member added that threats of imperialism are not recent, and that Venezuelans need to resist and have the conviction to show that they are not slaves of any powerful nation.

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“The powerful and imbeciles like Donald Trump still believe they are superior”.

Gonzalez said the ANC will also fight capitalism, which he described as a corrupt and deteriorated system that has caused years of dependence and inequality.

He said organizations from more than 60 countries have shown their solidarity towards Venezuela and respect for their right to resolve their own problems, especially in Latin America.

“What makes a Cuban speak as they do, a Mexican, a Honduran and relate like they do, and hug like they do, no one can change,” Gonzalez said. “There are frontiers, but what there can’t be are frontiers for thoughts, coexistence, for reason, and for common sense.”

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