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  • Hillary Clinton speaking at a Grassroots Organizing Event at Mountain View College in Dallas on Nov. 17, 2015.

    Hillary Clinton speaking at a Grassroots Organizing Event at Mountain View College in Dallas on Nov. 17, 2015. | Photo: Reuters

Published 27 July 2016

The release comes days after the whistleblowing organization leaked 20,000 DNC-related emails.

WikiLeaks released hacked voicemails from top Democratic officials on the third day of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, the same day President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak.

WikiLeaks to Release New Hillary Clinton Emails

The 29 voicemail messages, which amount to about 14 minutes, are mostly people telling "Andrew," likely DNC senior advisor Andrew Wright, that they will call back.

One caller complains that she was not invited to a reception at the White House—which she later retracts—and another tries to invite Michelle Obama to a children's hospital and library event.

However, the longest caller left several messages threatening to leave the party for its supposedly preferential treatment of Bernie Sanders.

"I’m furious about what you are doing for Bernie Sanders," said the caller from a Phoenix-region area code. "He is getting way too much influence. I am on fixed income and I spent over US$300 donated to Hillary, and what I see is the DNC bending over backwards for Bernie. And Bernie is the worst person in the world even to be running in a Democratic party because he is not a Democratic.

"Please don’t give into him. I don’t care about Sanders supporters, most of them are going to vote for Hillary anyway. Quit acquiescing to this person who likes to play the victim card, and who also has been attacking Hillary which gives Trump all his talking points. I will leave the Democratic Party if the Democratic Party continues to coddle Bernie Sanders. Get rid of the a**hole."

WikiLeaks Releases over 1000 Clinton Iraq War Emails

She left a second message, appalled that the DNC let Sanders nominate Cornel West to the committee to draft the Democratic platform.

"Why does the DNC allow such trash to be on the platform committee?" she said, citing West's comments against President Barack Obama. She later said that the DNC should never trust someone who wants Bernie Frank and Martin O'Malley off the committee.

"I don't think he (Sanders) should get a speaking spot on the convention," she said.

The voicemail messages were a teaser to a larger leak, expected soon.

The latest release, which came in the middle of the Democratic National Convention where Hillary Clinton was officially named the party's presidential nominee, is the second batch in a series that has deeply rattled the party and prompted the organization's chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to step down.

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