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  • Jurado (2nd from left) with former presidents of Costa Rica, Colombia and Bolivia.

    Jurado (2nd from left) with former presidents of Costa Rica, Colombia and Bolivia. | Photo: Instagram @antonietajurado

Antonieta Jurado is accused of asking money in return for protecting business people from defamation.

The wife of Miguel Henrique Otero, president of the opposition newspaper El Nacional, is accused of managing a blackmailing network against Venezuelan entrepreneurs in the United States.

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Electronic media outlet InfoVzla published an article accusing Antonieta Jurado, director of the magazines Exceso and Cocina y Vino, of extorting money from people in the business world to avoid defamation in her husband's newspaper, an outlet that is very critical of the government of Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution, as well as other recognized media in the country.

The claim is based on statements by Thor Halvorssen, an opposition film producer, who said last August, that Jurado and her intermediaries visited business people and threatened that they would appear as scammers in the newspaper.

He said this was part of a smear campaign against the Venezuelan state.

He said Jurado uses intermediaries to extort business people, asking for large amounts of money in exchange for not mentioning them as part of any scam or linking them to the Maduro government.

Halvorssen claims he has evidence of his complaint. He said the fact that she is married to the owner of an important media outlet has allowed Jurado to enjoy a privileged status among personalities and business people.

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