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  • Trump during bipartisan meeting on immigration reform.

    Trump during bipartisan meeting on immigration reform. | Photo: Reuters

Published 13 January 2018

Norwegians and others took to Twitter to list reasons they would never go to the United States after President Trump’s recent comments on immigration.

After President Donald Trump said instead of taking in people from “shithole” countries, the U.S. "should have more people from Norway" social media users mocked his comment pointing out that for people living in the happiest country in the world the United States is the shithole.

Latin America Hits Back After Trump's Racist Jab

Trump's controversial remarks calling countries in Africa and others like Haiti and El Salvador "shitholes", which were widely condemned at home and abroad for being racist, were followed by: "We should have more people from Norway." Some took to social media to highlight Norway's whiteness but others mockingly informed the president that Norwegians have no reason to go to the U.S.

Norwegians enjoy one of the highest standars of living in the world, and live in a country with a consistently high human development index thanks to a cradle-to-grave welfare state that would be unimaginable in Trump's U.S.. A professor of journalism in Stockholm, who moved them from the states posted sarcastically:

Another twitter user listed Norway's accomplishments, among them free public universities, and guessed Norwegians reading U.S. news would ask themselves: "Why in the world would we want to go to that #shithole country?"  

A British man also pointed his country's National Health Service, public education and labor rights as reasons he "would never move to the U.S."

To many, Trumps comments revealed not only racism against Black and brown countries but also a profound ignorance of higly developed countries like Norway.

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