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  • El Valle residents, in Caracas, stand in shock just outside a vandalised bakery.

    El Valle residents, in Caracas, stand in shock just outside a vandalised bakery. | Photo: teleSUR / Reagan Des Vignes

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"These 'malandros' are celebrating the deaths of our El Valle residents," says PSUV lawmaker Jorge Rodriguez.

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela, PSUV, vehemently denounced violent opposition protests that terrorized Caracas on Thursday night, slamming right-wing attacks on innocent civilians.

Opposition-Aligned Armed Gangs Attack Maternal and Children's Hospital in Venezuela

Yesterday, guarimbas attacked a maternal and children's hospital in Caracas' El Valle neighborhood with 54 children inside, Venezuela's Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez reported, throwing rocks at the windows. Dozens of babies had to be evacuated. Also, an attack on a nearby community bakery resulted in the death of at least a dozen people. 

On Friday, El Valle residents led a peaceful march in their community, calling on leaders to address the escalating levels of violence at the hands of opposition protesters, who have chosen to violate Venezuelan laws.

“What we saw yesterday was just another piece of the terrorism that the international bodies support,” said El Valle resident, Manuel Silviran. “What they did to that clinic will always be remembered.”

Silviran questioned the silence of those usually quick to criticize the socialist policies of Maduro's government.

“Where are their voices to denounce this? Venezuela wants peace.”

Residents in El Valle express anger over last night's events | Photo: Reagan Des Vignes / teleSUR

PSUV lawmakers Diosdado Cabello, Delcy Rodriguez and Jorge Rodriguez met with hundreds of El Valle residents, who showed up at a local park to listen to the government's reaction to this latest round of opposition violence.

“Whoever did this was wrong,” said El Valle resident Isabel Bastardo. “The clinic is a place for babies, for mothers.”

Bastardo pledged to speak out for “those afraid to use their voices.”

PSUV's Jorge Rodriguez displays a photo of the suspected "terrorists." | Photo: Reagan Des Vignes / teleSUR

PSUV lawmaker, Jorge Rodriguez, was livid as he addressed the community on Friday. He was noticeably moved as he demanded opposition accountability for the incidents.

“These 'malandros' are celebrating the deaths of our El Valle residents," Rodriguez said. "We will not permit this any longer. They went into the street pushing peace. But proved themselves to be more terrorist than most.”

Rodriguez was joined by the Foreign Affairs Minister, who appeared shaken by the incidents. She did not speak for very long to the crowd, delivering a short speech.

Foreign Affairs Minister Delcy Rodriguez offering condolences to victims of the attack. | Photo: Reagan Des Vignes / teleSUR

Jorge Rodriguez ended his speech by looking straight into the lens of the camera, and with a firm and loud voice he declared opposition leaders Freddy Guevara, Henry Ramos and Henrique Capriles “cowards and criminals”.

“We will continue in the streets with our cries of anger, and our cries of peace.”


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