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  • Experts said Alessa

    Experts said Alessa's body has "signs of strangulation," she's in a local morgue where forensics will practice the autopsy to determine the causes of death. | Photo: Facebook

Published 14 October 2016

Mexico is the second most dangerous country in the world for transsexuals.

Alessa Flores, an activist for the rights of transgender people and sex workers, was found dead early Friday at a hotel in Mexico City, her case marking the third homicide of a transgendered person in less than two weeks.

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Experts said Flores's body had "signs of strangulation," although an autopsy is yet to be performed.

She participated last week in Mexico’s Trans Youth Forum, organized by the Institute of Youth, where she gave a talk about sex work.

"Sex work is stigmatized by the idea of selling the body, an idea that conservatives used to disqualify because workers make public their body and women are not public, but this idea is wrong because all workers sell their body," said Flores.

According to local press, she also expressed concern about the rising rate of transsexual homicides in Mexico, especially that of sex workers.

On Sept. 30, Paola, a 25-year-old transsexual woman and also a sex worker, was murdered in Mexico City. Her alleged murderer was released after a judge determined that there was insufficient evidence to judge him.

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Colleagues and friends of Paola held a protest against the impunity and the judge's decision, which came in spite of the testimony of eyewitnesses. The protesters held the coffin containing the body of Paola aloft as they marched down the streets of Mexico City to denounce impunity.

The demonstration was attended by several transsexual women with banners calling for justice for their murdered friend, who was fatally shot. A bigger demonstration is also expected on Nov. 1, in which LGBT organizations will demand the government to address this problem.

Itzel Duran, a 19-year-old transsexual, was killed inside her house early Oct. 8 in the southern state of Chiapas. Local media reported that Itzel was stabbed by two men who were not arrested nor judged.

According to LGBT organizations, Mexico is the country with the second-highest rate of transsexual homicides, with at least 247 transsexual murders committed in Mexico between 2008 and April 2016. This year alone, 21 transexuals have been killed, most of whom were sex workers.

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