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  • A girl holds a sign at a protest with Verizon employees.

    A girl holds a sign at a protest with Verizon employees. | Photo: Reuters

Published 15 April 2016

One person was reportedly taken to the hospital after being hit by an attorney for the telecommunications giant.

Around 40,000 Verizon employees went on strike Thursday, and two of them were struck by a member of management driving a luxury sports car, according to their union.

Sanders Joins 40,000 Workers Striking Against 'Greedy' Verizon

According to the Communications Workers of America, two members of the union in Gaithersburg, Maryland, "were hit by a Verizon management attorney driving his Porsche." One of those struck was not seriously hit, "but the second was taken to the hospital." Their status is currently unknown.

Another incident involving a Verizon manager and their car allegedly took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There the manager "had a confrontation with a police officer and ignored the officer's direction to stop," according to the union. "The manager tried to drive away but was later arrested."

Asked for comment, a Verizon spokesperson denied the incidents took place.

"We have found zero evidence supporting these claims," Raymond McConville told teleSUR. "There have been no formal complaints filed and no arrest records."

There is, however, a photograph posted on the union's website showing Gaithersburg police surrounding a black, two-door Porsche. And speaking to teleSUR, a spokesperson for the Communications Workers of America confirmed that one person "was taken to the hospital with a knee injury."

"It's unfortunate that Verizon doesn't acknowledge the bad acts of its managers," said Candice Johnson, the union's communications director.

Verizon employees are striking to protest proposed cuts to their health and pension benefits. The company, which sells internet, television and phone service, has been attempting to negotiate a new contract with its employees since June 2015. The last contract expired in August 2015.

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