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  • CNE President Tibisay Lucena addresses the press.

    CNE President Tibisay Lucena addresses the press. | Photo: TeleSur Archive Photo

Published 9 October 2017

The audit report, Lucena said, can be viewed by the public on the CNE website.

In preparation for Venezuela's regional elections on Oct. 15, the National Electoral Council said Sunday that half of the audits for the vote have been completed.

Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly and Human Rights

"We have completely fulfilled each and every one of the activities included in the electoral timetable to guarantee the quality of the electoral process," said CNE President Tibisay Lucena during a press conference in the state of Miranda, adding that results from all but one state, Carabobo, has been recorded.

The official told reporters that 100 percent of their technical support team and coordinators have received proper training in anticipation of the rapidly approaching elections.

In total, she said, there are 5,622 support technicians, 38,361 system operators, 528 staff workers, 80 contingents from the National Support Center, and 706 Rapid Care Center operators who will stand ready to service the 30,247 voting machines at more than 13,000 polling stations.

The audit report, Lucena said, can be viewed by the public on the CNE website.

Lucena informed the media that more than one million people have so far attended the electoral information fairs which offer an overview of the process and an opportunity to address their questions regarding the polls or voting procedures.

She stressed the support of the Council of Electoral Experts of Latin America, which will send 50 international election experts to observe Sunday’s electoral process.

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The group of professionals will take part in the International Accompaniment Plan, which, Lucena said, will allow them to observe the electoral process as it unfolds, starting on Oct. 12.

The CNE has announced that opposition candidates who once opposed and tried to boycott elections will also participate.

However, the country continues to prepare for any disruptions after state police neutralized a terrorist attempt by opposition forces Tuesday.

Vice President Tareck El Aissami, has presented proof of a plan to destabilize regional elections, detailing an attack targeting Venezuelan ATM machines, electrical, water and food services.

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