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  • Lilian Tintori.

    Lilian Tintori. | Photo: Reuters

Published 16 March 2017

Tintori was turned away because she attempted entry to engage in political activism, on a tourism visa

Supporters of socialism have been lashing out at Lilian Tintori, the wife of imprisoned Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López, after her failed attempt to enter Ecuador this week.

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Venezuelans gave their opinion on the incident and expressed joy over her barred entry.

"Why go to another country to try to change their electoral outcome?" Lucia Perez, 37, who admits to not being a big follower of politics, said. "The world already thinks we are desperate. This is an example."

Auspy Sanchez, a resident of Caracas, said the opposition has no limits when it comes attempting to overthrow democratically-elected governments. "As usual, this is the capitalists joining forces. They want all of us out of the way so that they can proceed with their agenda of corruption."

Since she was barred entry into Ecuador, Tintori has been making the rounds on social media in a clear attempt to sway the Ecuadorean vote. She held a press conference upon arrival in the United States after Ecuadorean immigration officials sent her packing.

"Rafael Correa acts and gives orders like the ones given by President Nicolás Maduro, socialism of the 21st century, which for me is the dictatorship of the 21st century."

Luis Monge, the governor of Ecuador's Guayas province, said Tintori lacked the necessary documentation to participate in political activities in the country.

"I saw a video that she published, but unfortunately, her income does not correspond because her passport does not give her the right to do activism, or political proselytism," said Monge.

Ecuador's second round of elections are scheduled for April 2.

Guillermo Lasso, of the right-wing party CREO-SUMA, promises to create a million jobs and roll back on the progressive gains of the Rafael Correa-led government.

His rival, Lenin Moreno, has reiterated his commitment to the social and political project of the Correa government over the past 10 years, known as the Citizen's Revolution, which achieved gains such as cutting extreme poverty by nearly half, lowering inequality and expanding social spending.

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