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  • Robert Serra

    Robert Serra

Published 1 October 2014

The ally of Nicolas Maduro was killed on Wednesday in Venezuela.

Venezuelan National Assembly member Robert Serra was killed on Wednesday at around 10 p.m. Venezuela time, according to government spokespeople.

Serra was a prominent left wing politician and close ally of President Nicolas Maduro, and at 27 years, one of the youngest members of the National Assembly in recent years. He was also a youth leader

He was a well known youth leader in Maduro's socialist party, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

“The revolution needs the best youths and experiences (ones) – as the...key to constructing Chavista socialism,” Serra said on September 14.

Official sources say he was killed in his home in the barrio of La Pastora, Caracas.

"About an hour ago ... we don't know yet the motive behind the murder... We call for calm... we guarantee that we will investigate what is behind this and provide more information in a few hours," said Miguel Torres, Minister for Internal Affairs, to teleSUR, tonight.

Serra´s last Tweet:

(International Meeting on Engineering and Architecture for Well Being will being on 2 October)

Reports suggest his partner was murdered as well, both of them with sharp instruments. There are also unconfirmed reports that some of his assistants were also killed.

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