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  • Maduro is adopting a comprehensive strategy against El Nino.

    Maduro is adopting a comprehensive strategy against El Nino. | Photo: teleSUR

Published 15 April 2016

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that Venezuela's clock will be moved forward 30 minutes to deal with electrical shortages caused by draught.

Venezuela has announced that it will change its time as part of measure to save energy amid an the harsh effects of the El Nino weather phenomenon on the country.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that from May 1, he planned to change Venezuela's time scheme as another way to save electricity. The clock will be moved 30 minutes forward.

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Maduro previously said on Thursday punitive electricity rationing would be imposed on 15 shopping malls and drought-hit Venezuela's time zone would also be modified to save power.

"The time has come to take a drastic rationing measure against a group of about 15 malls who did not obey the law and are consuming without conscience at a critical moment due to the 'El Nino' phenomenon," he said.

Droughts resulting from the weather event have caused problems both in Latin America and Africa.

In a further bid to save energy, Maduro also decreed Monday a holiday, on top of a Tuesday national anniversary.

The president had already given public workers Fridays off.

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