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  • The governor of the Venezuelan border state of Tachira Jose Vielma Mora.

    The governor of the Venezuelan border state of Tachira Jose Vielma Mora. | Photo: Tachira Government

Official sources say the governments of Venezuela and Colombia are already negotiating agreements to reopen the border permanently.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro called for the opening of the border with Colombia for 12 hours, according to the governor of the Venezuelan border state of Tachira Sunday.

The day before, the governor had suggested that the reopening of the Colombian border was edging closer, as both countries plan to hold a summit on the issue in the coming days.

Venezuelan Opposition Agrees to Dialogue... with Conditions

Jose Vielma Mora made the announcement following an incident on Thursday in which a group of protesters stormed the border at the Simon Bolivar bridge, which links San Antonio del Tachira with the Colombian city of Cucuta and has been closed for almost a year.

"Tachira can no longer be recognized as the state of aggression ... where everything is violence or guarimbas. We want to do everything within the law and hopefully people will join us," Vielma Mora said, adding that the Colombian and Venezuelan governments are currently in negotiations on the issue.

Commenting on the role of the Venezuelan opposition, Vielma Mora said they only focus on the negative aspects of the issue in order to undermine the government.

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“They seek to discredit Venezuela, trying to create a humanitarian crisis but we don’t have a humanitarian crisis here, what we have is a human crisis of lack of awareness, lack of love, lack of attachment to this wonderful land that is Venezuela,” the socialist governor said.

In August 2015, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro closed about 100 kilometers of the border between Ureña and San Antonio del Tachira after an ambush in which three Venezuelan soldiers and one civilian were injured.


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