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  • Manuel Briceño, head of the Commission on Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change.

    Manuel Briceño, head of the Commission on Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change. | Photo: National Assembly (Archive)

Published 8 December 2014

Venezuelans are being called to participate in the national debate about the quality of their air and water. 

On Monday, Venezuelan legislators initiated public consultations for a project on air and water quality, a measure approved in a first session of debate in the National Assembly last November 5.

The exchanges between the population and the legislators of the Commission on Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change started simultaneously in the states of Portuguesa, Aragua, Zulia, Monagas and the Capital District, which includes Caracas city.

The consultations relate to the regulation of the quality and management of water and air, as well as gas emissions.

“This is a new instrument to fulfill a constitutional vision that looks to build a healthy and balanced environment, and is considered in the Plan for Homeland for the preservation of environment,” declared the president of the legislative commission, Manuel Briceño.

“The content of this legal measure is also contemplated in the Plan for Social and Economic Development of the Nation, as well as in the Simon Bolivar plan, which looks to implement a development model where the human being is at the center,” added the legislator.

Briceño hopes the consultations will make the run-off water and gas emissions a topic of common interest and knowledge among the population, who can then help inform the regulation in order to reduce contamination.

The new regulations will also include other environmental issues including sound pollution and electromagnetic radiation, he added. 

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