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  • A mural painted in the capital of Venezuela.

    A mural painted in the capital of Venezuela. | Photo: AFP

Published 25 September 2017

Venezuela “repudiates the imperialist conduct of the U.S. government" to include top officials on the travel ban, the statement read.

The Venezuelan government released a public statement condemning the inclusion of a number of its officials and their immediate family members on the U.S. travel ban deemed discriminatory and anti-Muslim.

'The Tougher, the Better': Trump's New Anti-Venezuela 'Travel Ban' Explained

“These types of lists,” the statement read, “”are incompatible with international law and constitute in themselves a form of psychological and political terrorism.”

The statement noted that the “hostile actions” of the U.S. government, in its attempt to “stigmatize” Venezuela under the pretext of “combating terrorism,” led to it unilaterally including the country on the U.S. travel ban list.

It emphasized that Venezuelans are “also punished for their peaceful aspirations, as well as for their tolerance and respect for different religions and beliefs that are professed freely and harmoniously in our country.”

It went on to say that Venezuela “repudiates the imperialist conduct of the U.S. government” for taking the “irrational decision” to “once again, categorize the noble people of Venezuelan as a threat to its national interests.” In so doing, it “seeks to justify the use of such serious issues as the fight against terrorism as a means to achieve political objectives.”

By adding Venezuela on the nine-month-old travel ban, the statement stressed that the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump attempts to sow false concepts about the Bolivarian government among the U.S. populace.

Citing the principles enshrined in the U.N. Charter, the document condemned the U.S. “promulgation and implementation of unilateral coercive measures "that deliberately ignore international laws regulating friendly relations and cooperation between nation states.

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