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  • Venezuela opposition protesters in Caracas.

    Venezuela opposition protesters in Caracas. | Photo: Reuters

Published 22 April 2017

“The armed terrorists and bandits behind this attack are cowards,” said Caracas Mayor Jorge Rodriguez.

Jorge Rodriguez, Mayor of Caracas’ Bolivarian Liberator Municipality, denounced a recent opposition attack against a local maternal and children's hospital, claiming protesters “wanted to burn children.”

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On Thursday, right-wing protesters attacked the Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias Maternal and Children's Hospital medical facility, which had 54 children inside, with burning garbage, rocks and sticks. Although the children were safely evacuated, the hospital was left severely damaged.

“The armed terrorists and bandits behind this attack are cowards,” Rodriguez said during a peaceful demonstration on Friday in response to the attack.

“We are here as a people and a revolution to expose this attack.”

Patients were seen being evacuated in ambulances where, according to the local fire department, 28 newborn babies were transferred to another hospital in the capital. Six babies had to be stabilized before they were transferred.

Those working in the hospital said that the attack started at around 9. p.m. Thursday and lasted for close to three hours.

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Rodriguez also slammed opposition politicians Jose Guerra, Tomas Guanipa, Richard Blanco and Freddy Guevara, whom he described as “terrorists” and “fascists” who are responsible for the attack. All four opposition deputies have actively supported and called for violent right-wing protests across the country.

“What we saw yesterday was just another piece of the terrorism that the international bodies support,” El Valle resident Manuel Silviran said, VTV reports.

“What they did to that clinic will always be remembered.”

Within the last three weeks alone, at least 22 people have died amid anti-government protests.

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