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  • Caracas Mayor Jorge Rodriguez announced that he will support the campaign.

    Caracas Mayor Jorge Rodriguez announced that he will support the campaign. | Photo: AVN

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With the phrase “Obama, Venezuela is not a threat!,” civil society will help put pressure on the White House.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Wednesday the beginning of an international campaign to gather signatures to reject the U.S. executive order labelling Venezuela a national security threat.

Venezuela has already received widespread backing from governments in Latin America and the Caribbean.

With the phrase “Obama, Venezuela is not a threat!” the campaign aims to gather millions of signatures, both within Venezuela and worldwide, to pressure the U.S. president into repealing the executive order.

“Venezuela, a peace-loving nation, calls on the U.S. government to fulfill its international obligations regarding the respect for a country’s self-determination and the right of its people to freely choose their own path,” reads the statement people are being asked to sign.

The petition, which can be signed here, calls for “President Barack Obama to repeal the Executive Order against Venezuela and normalize diplomatic relations with the legitimately elected government of President Nicolás Maduro and reaffirm the principles of mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of countries.” 

Maduro said people in every city will get involved in the campaign, with collection posts to gather signatures set up nationwide.

The online version seeks to collect as many signatures as possible internationally in support the Venezuelan people.


Somehow, I doubt the US Congress (ie John Boehner) will invite Sr. Maduro to speak, as they did Netanyahu --
We are all people you are just criminal people 2nd highest murder rate in the world OH must be those Gringos Well it looks like the sanctions stand and will probably be increased the good thing The USA Cuba Talks seem to be over maybe again in 50 years
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