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  • Former Venezuelan OAS Ambassador Roy Chaderton Matos warns against coordinated attacks against democracy in the country.

    Former Venezuelan OAS Ambassador Roy Chaderton Matos warns against coordinated attacks against democracy in the country. | Photo: Reuters/teleSUR

Published 21 April 2017

The former OAS ambassador warned that the U.S. and the right-wing opposition want to return the country to neoliberalism. 

Venezuela’s former ambassador to the Organization of American states, Roy Chaderton Matos, warned that the right wing in the country wants to return to the days of neoliberalism and that U.S. intervention was a legitimate threat to Venezuelan sovereignty.

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“There are economic interests at stake and cultural powers have been magnifying over time, as are the media corporations that are the new forms of dictatorships,” said Chaderton Matos to Venezuela state television.

Chaderton Matos pointed out that the continued attacks from the OAS against Venezuela are a clear example of how outside forces working in concert with the opposition are planning to destabilize the country. He questioned Colombia’s decision to seek agreements with NATO and still had a number of troops in its territory.

“Venezuela is not a no man's land where it will be invaded by any invading forces to come as they please,” he said, while describing the country as being embroiled in a "great battle against revived fascism.” 

Chaderton Matos, who served as OAS ambassador from 2008 to 2015 and was a foreign minister under former President Hugo Chavez, noted the pro-government counter rallies across the streets in Caracas against interventionism and for peace.

“Peace is the tranquility and this with progress, development, and justice. Peace is the result of everything good that we can do as citizens of a free country with social justice and democracy,” he said.

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On Tuesday, Maduro echoed similar concerns against foreign intervention.

“The U.S. government, the State Department has given the green light, the approval for a coup process to intervene in Venezuela,” he said.

Maduro added that the U.S. government wrote up a coup scenario for opposition leader Julio Borges, which consisted of fueling violence and death which would then be blamed on the government as attacking its political opponents and then demand immediate elections, ahead of Maduro's official end of term in 2019.

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