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  • Records will be audited by March 19 ahead of the 26th of the month.

    Records will be audited by March 19 ahead of the 26th of the month. | Photo: EFE

Published 6 March 2018

The rector of the CNE Socorro Hernandez reported that after the balance of the closing of the candidatures it was determined that there are five definitive candidates.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela confirmed Tuesday that five candidates will meet in the next presidential elections scheduled for May 20.

The head of the CNE, Socorro Hernández, announced that they have five definitive candidates for the presidential elections. "The balance after the closing of applications for the presidential election is that we have five candidates already final in this electoral contest," she said.

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After the closing of the application process, Hernandez detailed that the candidates are: Reinaldo Quijada for Popular Political Unity (UPP89), Henry Falcón for Advanced Progressive (AP), Movement for Socialism (MAS) and the Independent Electoral Political Organization Committee (Copei) and President Nicolás Maduro for the revolutionary forces.

The other two candidates are Javier Bertucci, for the group of voters Esperanza por el Cambio, and Alejandro Ratti as an independent candidate.

The schedule establishes that the electoral registry will be open until March 10, with challenges between the 16 and 18 of the same month.

By March 19, records will be audited for the 26th of the same month to announce the final number of voters.

Venezuela will hold presidential elections on May 20 and will elect the members of the State Legislative Council and Municipal Councils, which will be nominated between March 16 and 14 through the CNE portal.

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