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  • The Communist Party of Venezuela marches in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution.

    The Communist Party of Venezuela marches in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution. | Photo: Communist Party of Venezuela

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Opposition protests in Venezuela, according to the country's Communist Party, support "North American imperialism."

The Communist Party of Venezuela, PCV, on Friday expressed full support for President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution against right-wing opposition protests.

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The protests, according to the PCV, form part of “a destabilising plan elaborated by North American imperialism.”

“This plan has as its objective the imposition through force and blackmail of a government which would work to maintain US hegemony throughout the continent,” the PCV said in a statement. 

“Hence, in the current context we insist on unity of action of all the political and social forces willing to defend the nation against the imperialist enemy and their puppets.”

Founded in 1931, the PCV is the oldest continuously-existing leftist party in Venezuela. For decades, the Marxist-Leninist grouping fought against right-wing and neoliberal administrations that privatized the country’s vast oil resources. 

Once former President Hugo Chavez rose to political prominence, however, the PCV began backing his democratic socialist movement. In fact, the party supported his 1998 presidential campaign and has since worked in coalition with the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela, PSUV.

In 2011, the PCV joined the Great Patriotic Pole, an electoral alliance of leftist political parties dedicated to protecting and advancing the Bolivarian Revolution.

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Today, the PCV is calling on all Venezuelans — especially workers — to preserve that alliance.

“We call on the patriotic soldiers and officers to not cede to these unpatriotic terrorists and to take up the cause of the defence of our national sovereignty,” the PCV added in its statement.

“True revolutionaries do not hand themselves over. They fight united until they succeed.”

Since early April, Venezuela’s U.S.-backed right-wing opposition has led almost daily protests, claiming that the incumbent government is “corrupt” and “violates human rights.” The opposition has worked hand-in-hand with U.S. lawmakers and regional right-wing politicians who have expressed support for regime change in Venezuela.

Over three dozen people have died amid protests.


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