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  • President Maduro celebrates the

    President Maduro celebrates the | Photo: EFE

The second official report listed the members elected from the sectoral sector, including campesinos, students and workers.

The president of Venezuela’s National Electoral Council Tibisay Lucena has announced the 173 members elected to the Constituent Assembly from the sectoral sector.

Indigenous Groups Elect ANC Delegates at Traditional Assemblies

The sectoral sector includes campesinos, workers, students and people living with a disability. The Constituent Assembly will be made up of a total of 545 members and will be inaugurated on Thursday, August 3 — the same day the 1999 Constituent Assembly was inaugurated.

The announcement comes as Indigenous communities held regional assemblies to elect eight Indigenous members to the Constituent Assembly. 

This was the first election in which Indigenous people had regional assemblies to elect their representatives to the legislative body that will draft a new Constitution.

On Sunday, over 8 million Venezuelans voted in the Constituent Assembly, according to official estimates.

The assembly is tasked with re-drafting the Venezuelan Constitution and was convened by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as a means to extend the social rights established by the current Constitution.



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