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  • A Uruguayan consumes an average of 7 litres of alcohol per year.

    A Uruguayan consumes an average of 7 litres of alcohol per year. | Photo: Reuters

Published 21 June 2017

Manufacturers could be subjected to new marketing and advertising restrictions.

Uruguay's President Tabare Vazquez has announced his plans to present a “ total holistic law” to tackle the nation’s rising dependence on alcoholism.

Uruguay Blazes Trail, Launches Legal Marijuana User Registry

Vazquez held a news conference Tuesday to discuss combating the growing dependency by regulating the sale, marketing, and advertising of alcoholic drinks.

Uruguay's average alcohol intake per person is approximately 7 litres per year, placing it in eighth place behind other Latin American nations including Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

This isn't the country's first attempt to regulate consumption; the topic was broached in 2015 with the former president Jose Mujica.

During Mujica's administration, a zero tolerance law for driving under the influence of alcohol was introduced.

Uruguay to Make History Selling Marijuana in Pharmacies

Vazquez stated he is also considering instituting changes to taxes similar to those he initiated with regard to tobacco sales.

And he outlined a possible “patent” or a liquor license to regulate public access.

The restrictions are under discussion as Uruguay moves towards having one of the most liberal marijuana policies in the world.

It became the first nation to permit the professional cultivation of marijuana plants in 2014 and from July it will be legal to sell it over the counter.

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