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  • A Venezuelan right-wing opposition protester prepares to hurl a molotov cocktail.

    A Venezuelan right-wing opposition protester prepares to hurl a molotov cocktail. | Photo: AFP

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Participants at a forum discussed how the Bolivarian project of sovereignty and global multipolarity places it on the recieving end of an "unconventional war."

The Foreign Ministry of Venezuela held a forum in which several public officials and intellectuals discussed relations between the United States and Venezuela, centering around the “unconventional war” currently being waged against the Bolivarian republic.

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Daniela Rodriguez, the Director of the Office of the Vice-Minister for North America said that the United States has had various objectives in its history of attacks on Venezuela, particularly driven by the aim of regaining full control over the wealth of resources the nation posesses.

Just as importantly though, the United States also has significant interest in disarming the project of global multi-polarity promoted by Venezuela's Bolivarian leadership, Rodriguez said.

In addition to promoting a vision of Latin American unity, former President Hugo Chavez also was one of the most important players in restrengthening the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries as an economic block, and stressed the need for multi-polarity while speaking at the United Nations, Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez told the forum that Venezuelans needed to experience a "mass awakening" to “face the attacks of imperialist factors.”

A Venezuelan professor of history, Omar Galindez said that the geopolitical vision of President Chavez was able to create a sovereign Venezuela for the first time, and that this model is attacked for representing the “maximum expression of democratic participation.”

“The diplomacy of the United States is missile diplomacy,” Galindez said.

The series of forums and discussions are hosted by the Foreign Ministry to promote an exchange of ideas leading up to the National Constituent Assembly.


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