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  • United Nations logo. (Photo: Reuters).

    United Nations logo. (Photo: Reuters).

Published 9 September 2014

Leila Zerrougui made the statement while briefing the United Nations Security Council.


United Nations envoy Leila Zerrougui briefed the U.N. Security Council on violations of children's rights in armed conflicts worldwide this week.

In her report, Zerrougui declared that upward of 700 children have been killed, mutilated or used as suicide bombers in Iraq this year.

Zerrougui also informed the Security Council that the location of numerous children jailed on security charges by the Iraqi government are unknown.

She also focused on the current situation in Gaza where more than 500 children were killed during the recent Israeli military offensive.

An estimated 3,100 children were injured during the attacks. Approximately one-third of the children wounded have become permanently disabled.

The U.N. envoy also highlighted efforts being made in Chad and Yemen. Chad officially ended the recruitment of child soldiers and Yemen signed a plan with the U.N. to prevent child recruitment in armed forces.  

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