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  • Twitter Co-founder Evan Williams.

    Twitter Co-founder Evan Williams. | Photo: EFE

Published 14 September 2017

Williams cited the U.S. election of Donald Trump as supporting evidence for his theory.

Debates abound concerning the effects technology, in general, and social media, in particular, are having on society. Though the verdict is still out, Twitter co-founder, Evan Williams, has weighed in on the matter. His blunt, unhurried conclusion: Social media makes people stupid.

100 Tweets, 100 Days: Follow Donald Trump's Twitter Tirade

Williams cited the election of U.S. President Donald Trump as supporting evidence for his theory, according to CaribFlame.

“The much bigger issue is not Donald Trump using Twitter that got him elected, even if he says so; it is the quality of the information we consume that is reinforcing dangerous beliefs and isolating people and limiting people’s open-mindedness and respect for truth,” he conceded.

And he didn't stop there, further indicting social media platforms as techno tools that run and “dumb down the entire world.”

The paradox of a tech magnate blighting his own creation came during an interview with BBC Radio 4. However, it was Trump, not long after securing second place in the popular vote and seated as president by a minority electoral college, who praised Twitter for his miraculous victory.

Williams countered Trump's assertion, viewing his presidency as a “symptom” of a much broader “media ecosystem” energized by ugly glares of narcissism.

Though admitting that his very own Twitter is part of the problem, Williams laid greater blame on click-ads and other forms of advertisement, from which he has arguably made millions.

“Therefore, quoting Trump’s tweets, or quoting the latest stupidest thing that any political candidate or anyone else says, is an effective way to exploit people’s basest instincts. And that is dumbing the entire world down,” Williams concluded.

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