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  • Jorge Arreaza addresses reporters at United Nations, New York, New York, Sept. 19, 2017.

    Jorge Arreaza addresses reporters at United Nations, New York, New York, Sept. 19, 2017. | Photo: @vencancilleria Twitter

Published 19 September 2017

Arreaza says Venezuela promotes the people, the U.S., terrorism and destruction

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has told reporters outside the U.N. General Assembly that President Donald Trump’s comments promote terrorism and destruction rather than peace.

Trump Threatens Further Action Against Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Iran at UN

In response to Trump’s comments that the U.S. will “take new actions” against Venezuela in order to force its government to change, Arreaza said that the threats were illegal, “disrespect the U.N., Venezuela, and the international community.” He added that the U.S. government is violating international law by trying to enforce its way of governing on Venezuela and Cuba saying the Trump is promoting a “return to the Cold War.”

He told reporters that while Venezuela has been working for 18 years to build the Bolivian Revolution led by Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, Trump has been growing his fortune. Arreaza reminded Trump he should govern the U.S., not the rest of the world, and that he can’t “touch the democracy, independence and sovereignty” of any foreign country.

This comes a day after Trump and the presidents from Colombia, Panama, Brazil, and Argentina convened to discuss how to “restore democracy” in Venezuela. Yesterday Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, emphasized that no countries in Latin America would support military intervention in Venezuela, but only diplomatic solutions.


Jorge Arreaza

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