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    Ecuador's former President Rafael Correa | Photo: teleSUR

Published 5 July 2017

The former Ecuadorean leader also criticized his successor and former Vice President Lenin Moreno.

In an exclusive interview with teleSUR, Ecuador's former President Rafael Correa said that a new progressive leadership could emerge in Latin America, in response to the detrimental policies implemented by the U.S. President Donald Trump.

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“I think that there is a good chance that given the primitive policies of Trump, we could not fight among ourselves but fight together against a common enemy,” said Correa in the program “Enclave Politico.”

“What happened at the beginning of the 21st century, George W. Bush Jr's policies were so primitive, that's when a series of progressive governments emerged in Latin America,” he added.

The former leader also criticized his successor and former Vice President Lenin Moreno, who was recently elected as Ecuador's new president to pursue the work of the Citizen Revolution.

“Trying to mark a difference from my administration is ungrateful and mediocre,” he said, referring to Moreno's recent initiative to open a national dialogue and include sectors of the opposition.

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One week ago, Moreno met opposition leader Dalo Bucaram, the son of the former — and impeached — President Abdala Bucaram, in a move to progress an anti-corruption commission that was set up by the previous government.

Referring to that meeting, Correa said he will never accept a deal with Bucaram or with “any of those who looted Ecuador ... If you want to change the style, change it, but don't make this change the center of your administration, it does not make sense”

Earlier on Wednesday, Moreno said that his experience in the governing party had been a “wonderful one, which allowed us all, under Rafael Correa's leadership, to build new institutions of a devastated country.”

“We should all be grateful to Correa,” he added.

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