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    Two of Macri's closest allies in his government are under fire | Photo: AFP

Published 19 August 2016

Argentine vice president and the Minister of Public Media are accused of diverting money intended for foundations and social programs.

Argentina’s Vice President Gabriela Michetti and Minister of Public Media Hernan Lombardi, both members of the government of President Mauricio Macri, have both been placed under investigation for corruption.

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An Argentine judge ordered Michetti to present affidavits of all her possessions in order to investigate the origins of money stolen from her home in November 2015, days before she took office.

According to Michetti, US$66,400 was allegedly stolen but Attorney Guillermo Marijuan has suggested the origins of the money could have been illicit and has requested further investigation.

Michetti says US$50,000 was a loan from her husband, businessman Juan Martín Tonelli, while US$13,400 was a donation made to Suma, a foundation she presides over.

According to Michetti, the remaining US$3,000 was her own and she intended to spend it on house repairs.

The Court of Appeal also ruled Thursday that Argentine courts must continue the investigation against Lombardi, after a judge ruled the case inadmissible.

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"The existence of pending proceedings prevents the courts from reaching a final decision," reads the statement by the Court of Appeals, Russian media outlet Sputnik reports.

Lombardi is accused of mishandling money that was given to a foundation run by PRO, the political party created and currently run by President Mauricio Macri.

The investigation against Lombardi dates back to September 2015 when he was Minister of Culture. According to allegations, US$87,000 was received by the ministry in 2015 for cultural promotion.

Macri won the general elections by a political alliance derived from PRO, called Cambiemos.

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