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Published 29 July 2016

teleSUR host Charles Huang discovers Palestine's everyday joys in the final episode of "Palestine Travel Show."

The host of teleSUR’s “Palestine Travel Show” Charles Huang would tell you that he is a lover of travel, and an "experienced backpacker." He's visited some of the most beautiful places on the globe.

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And his visit to Palestine is no exception.

Some would argue whether Palestine can be considered a tourist destination, in the midst of daily, escalating violence with Israel. And in reality, the fighting continues between Palestinians and Israeli police, over the internationally-denounced and illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

But there is an unseen and ignored face of Palestine. And Charles finds it in the untold stories of regular citizens in their daily lives.

Charles meets a few kids, playing basketball together, in Jenin, Palestine.

On the final episode of the "Palestine Travel Show," Charles visits and experiences the true culture and hospitality of Ramallah. He also visits Bil'il where he encounters an initially peaceful protest. However, the protest soon turns violent.

The scene shows police firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesting Palestinians.

Charles captures what appears as police abuse against a Palestinian man.

Still, it is not all bad. Charles allows you to vicariously travel through the streets of one of the world's most historically-relevant countries, through his lens. He visits the birthplace of Jesus Christ, Bethlehem. Palestine's oldest olive tree, King Herod's palace in Jericho and the tomb of John the Baptist are also featured in his travel log.

This final episode is a rare look into a land normally portrayed in Western media as destabilized and and inhernetly violent.

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