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  • Brazilian unelected president Michel Temer.

    Brazilian unelected president Michel Temer. | Photo: EFE

Published 22 July 2017

The CGT compared the ideology attacking workers in Brazil with that in Argentina under the Macri administration.

The General Confederation of Labor of Argentina (CGT) issued a statement rejecting right-wing Brazilian president Michel Temer's visit to Argentina for the Mercosur summit, comparing Temer's attacks on the rights of workers to the situation in Argentina under the Macri administration.

Argentina Readies Riot Police for People's Summit at Mercosur

Pointing out that the unelected president only took power in a coup involving a coalition of right-wing, reactionary political, economic, and social interests against Workers Party president Dilma Rousseff, they said the Brazilian president “embodies the ideology that attacks the rights of workers,” the CGT said.

The labor organization called Brazil under Temer a “laboratory” in order to implement legislation which concedes historic rights gained by workers.

They rejected Temer's recently implemented labor “counter-reforms” which implemented sweeping rollbacks to legal protections, pensions, and wages guarantees of workers. The move has been met with condemnations from diverse sectors of social movements and labor organizations.

According to the statement by the Argentinian labor group, Temer's “reforms” have undermined collective bargaining rights, “eliminated the idea of the working day, creating intermittent work,” and also “undermines the national minimum wage.”

The CGT compared the right-wing takeover in Brazil to the current situation facing workers in Argentina, under the government of President Mauricio Macri, saying they both represent the same project to “push back working conditions to what they were 100 years ago.”

The Mercosur meeting in Mendoza saw the regional trade bloc's group of right-wing leaders push for the isolation of Venezuela.

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