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  • Makeev enjoyed shouting at locals in broken Spanish, English and Russian in various locales throughout Quintana Roo.

    Makeev enjoyed shouting at locals in broken Spanish, English and Russian in various locales throughout Quintana Roo. | Photo: EFE-YouTube / Alextime-Facebook

Published 20 May 2017

VIDEOS: He enjoyed video-blogging his abuse of Mexican women, children and the elderly. It's all fun and games until locals find out where you live.

A Russian national dubbed #LordNaziRuso by social media users was the target of an enraged group of Mexicans in Cancun, Quintana Roo, who surrounded his home Friday and attempted to “lynch” him after the man earned the loathing of residents for his YouTube videos depicting abusive behavior toward locals.

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The 42-year-old man, Alexei Makeev, derived joy from video-blogging racist tirades against Mexicans, sometimes standing on his rooftop hurling insults in Russian and broken, heavily-accented Spanish and English, shouting slurs such as “Mierda tu madre, fucking shit, monkey” at neighbors and passers-by.

The man also uploaded videos of him exposing his genitalia in public, insulting women until they cried, and abusing senior citizens, disabled children and toddlers, sometimes physically attacking them. In addition to being obsessed with the Third Reich, Makeev is also a self-professed Madonna fanatic.


The videos soon went viral, feeding his ego and further rubbing salt in the wounds of Cancun residents, who organized a Change.org petition calling for his removal from the country for his “manifestations of hatred towards Mexicans (including) death threats, unprecedented contempt for the elderly, cruel behavior towards children, as well as various aggressions expressing his hatred toward Mexico."

In recent Facebook posts, the former Aquaworld Cancun diving instructor complained that he had received death threats, noting, “The terrorists threatening to kill me!”

Dramatic footage posted across social networks show an enraged and swelling crowd of dozens surround the home of Makeev early Friday evening after compilations of his own videos began to circulate through social networks. The crowd demanded Makeev's removal from the country.

When Makeev stuck his head from the door to get a glimpse of the assembled crowd, a young man named Carlos Eduardo tried to pull him from his home. Eduardo was either stabbed or shot by Makeev, according to conflicting reports. Eduardo died minutes later.

It was at this stage that the crowd's fury couldn't be contained any longer. In shocking clips, residents equipped with staffs and machetes can be seen smashing Makeev's windows and attacking him. Stripped to his shorts and bloodied, Makeev attempted to escape to his roof, where residents then targeted him with bottles and stones before he lost consciousness. Authorities, who had largely been standing by, eventually rescued the man from the furious locals.

Makeev is currently in a drug-induced coma, according to reports, after undergoing surgery following a traumatic brain injury and wounds to the forearms and back. Russia's consul in Mexico, Dmitri Bolbot, has urged authorities to ensure Makeev's safety. If he recovers, he will likely face serious charges for the killing of Carlos.

According to Sputnik Mundo, the strange tale of Makeev began in Elektrostal, a city in Moscow Oblast, Russia, where he earned a reputation for launching similar verbal and physical assaults against children, women and the elderly, sometimes threatening them with weapons.

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He garnered some press attention in 2013 due to his infamous YouTube antics. The man soon moved to Egypt to work as a scuba diving instructor. He later moved to Spain before being deported from the country, as Makeev admitted in a video. Some Russian internet users, seeking to distance themselves from any association with the crude antics of Makeev, have pointed to the Moscow-born vlogger's alleged Ukrainian descent.

Makeev has also been reported by certain Russian press outlets like Sputnik to suffer from schizophrenia and has spent time in neuropsychiatric clinics. Other media sources in Russia have reported that he was usually quickly released from these facilities and in 2013, was issued a certificate by authorities verifying his mental health and fitness to operate motor vehicles.

Makeev had been arrested in Quintana Roo several times for his behavior, according to the state prosecutor's office. After he was released last year following an attack on a local woman, he was ordered by authorities to leave the country — a decision he successfully appealed. However, he soon continued his racist rampage across Cancun, earning the ignominious title: #LordNaziRuso.

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