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  • Lebanese soldiers carry their guns at a checkpoint, near the Arsal refugee camp. (Photo:Reuters)

    Lebanese soldiers carry their guns at a checkpoint, near the Arsal refugee camp. (Photo:Reuters) | Photo: Reuters

Published 25 September 2014

Soldiers raid Arsal camp in search for alleged terrorists.

Refugees living at the Arsal camp said on Thursday that the Lebanon army set fire to dozens of tents during a raid to hunt alleged terrorists.

At least one person died during the operation and two more were wounded.

A local official, who refused to give his name, told French news agency AFP that the soldiers were the one’s who started the fire and that they arrested dozens of men.

"I was just there, and I saw an old man, around 90 years old, with all his bones broken from the beatings. There is no safety for the refugees in Arsal at all," he said.

Numerous Lebanese citizens criticised local forces on Twitter and uploaded photos of Arsal camp. There were several images showing dozens of men being arrested, several of them appeared to have been beaten.

However, the army rejected such accusations and asserted that the alleged terrorists were the one’s who started the fire.

The soldiers also said that the detained men are members of the Al-Nusra Front that were hiding in the camp.

Al-Nusra Front is a group of rebels that fights against Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. The organization is considered a cell of Al-Qaeda.

Since last month, tension has been raising in Lebanon, along the Syrian border, after several rebel groups fighting Assad have clashed with Lebanese soldiers.


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