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  • President Bashar Assad

    President Bashar Assad | Photo: Reuters

Published 26 March 2015

The president criticized the lack of progress toward a political resolution in the embattled country.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said Thursday during a televised interview that he was open to dialogue with the United States.

“Any dialogue is positive, as I said, in principal, of course, without pressuring the sovereignty of Syria,” he explained, during an interview with CBS, a nationwide U.S. network.

Assad explained further that his government and Washington do not maintain any form of direct communication.

Regarding recent remarks made by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the Syrian president explained that his government has seen little or no effort from the Obama administration towards peacefully solving the Syrian crisis.

“I would say what we have in Syria so far is only a statement, nothing concrete yet, no facts, no new reality regarding the political approach of the United States toward our situation, our problem, our conflict in Syria,” said Assad.

Meanwhile, between Wednesday and Thursday, the U.S. and its allies launched 12 airstrikes in Syria, directed at the Islamic State group.

The U.S. also performed a leaflet drop. The leaflets consisted of a grisly cartoon depicting the Islamic State group extremists as butchers, using a meat processing machine to kill their victims standing in line.

Assad's openness for dialogue comes after he announced Thursday his willingness to allowing Russia to install a new naval base in the port of Tartus.

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