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  • President Bashar Assad with the Russian delegation

    President Bashar Assad with the Russian delegation | Photo: Press TV

Published 22 March 2015

Talks would focus on defending Syria's sovereignty, fighting terrorism and rejecting any foreign interference.

The Syrian government announced Sunday it will seek a second round of peace talks between the state and the rebel opposition.

In January, a peace talk plan was brokered by Russia to help solve the Syria’s bloody civil war. The talks include the government, the opposition groups within the country and would now include foreign-based opposition.

The National Coalition – the biggest foreign-based opposition group – had rejected attending the previous round of talks. However, sources close to the Russian Foreign Ministry say the group is considering attending the next phase.

The new round of peace talks would begin April 6.

President Bashar Assad said the next step toward the Moscow talks is to agree on an agenda in order to advance on specific goals.

Russia has already proposed a guideline for groups that wish to join the peace process.

The guideline, known as the "Moscow principles," mainly stress maintaining Syria's sovereignty and unity, fighting terrorism, settling the crisis peacefully and politically, and rejecting any foreign interference.

The last round of peace talks in Moscow were supported by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

The United Nations envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, is also participating in the process.

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