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  • Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

    Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. | Photo: EFE

Published 5 October 2017

Rajoy said he "knows perfectly what he is going to do" against any scenario and will do so if needed.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has asked Catalonia's President Carles Puigdemont to suppress the declaration of Catalan independence to avoid "greater evils."

Nearly 850 Injured in Catalonia Independence Referendum

Over 800 people were injured by the Spanish riot police during the Catalan independence vote Sunday, with police using rubber bullets and hitting people with batons to prevent Catalans from voting.

Rajoy asked Puigdemont to cease the move to break away from Spain and to ease the conflict immediately, as Catalans have held a general strike to protest the violence and demand the Spanish government respect its decision to secede.

"Do you have a solution? Yes, and the best is the prompt return to legality and the affirmation as soon as possible that there will not be a unilateral declaration of independence because that will also prevent greater evils," Rajoy said from the Moncloa Palace.

Rajoy said he "knows perfectly what he is going to do" against any scenario and will do so if needed.

King of Spain Condemns ‘Illegal’ Catalan Independence Vote

Rajoy said that all Spaniards have legality in common, in all the autonomous communities of the country, and said it was important to recover the support of "all those people and rulers who have decided at their own risk to liquidate the law and stand against it."

He said he was "absolutely" convinced that Spain can return to normal.

King Felipe VI has blamed Catalan authorities for wanting “to break the unity of Spain and the national sovereignty."

Meanwhile, Puigdemont said that his government is prepared to declare dependence based on the results of the vote, where 90 percent of the de 2.2 million voters supported independence.

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